Your past does not have to define who you are today.

Together we will help you grow to know,  appreciate, and love yourself. Then you will be better able to love others.  You will be empowered  to develop peace of mind, improve your relationships,  and increase your life satisfaction..

No artistic talent necessary

  Art therapy is used as an adjunct to traditional talk psychotherapy. Art therapy enables people to bypass words and visually express their innermost fears and desires, hopes and dreams, problems and concerns. Often seeing how you feel illustrated with lines, colors, and shapes, using various media, in two or three dimensions, helps to contain strong emotions and put problems into perspective. The very act of moving your hands and body to create art is soothing. The finished artwork gives a focal point for talk therapy to begin, speeds healing, and is a concrete record of progress made in therapy.

 Raceal is a Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Trauma survivor who has worked with victims of rape and other trauma, families torn apart with issues of substance abuse, child abuse and neglect, community & domestic violence, conduct & academic problems, mental illness, and other serious illness, including hospice care. She is able to establish a great trusting and safe environment for therapy to take place, respectful of pertinent cultural and religious diversity issues.

Deepen your understanding ~ Improve your relationships ~ Increase your joy

Reverend raceal mcwhorter, Ma, LMFt/AT

Master of Psychology, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist/Art Therapist, License 100622

Are you experiencing anxiety, depression or trouble managing your anger? Are you having difficulties dealing with life challenges and transitions.  Talking to family and friends doesn't help? You want your issues to remain private and confidential?

I will provide a safe environment respectful of cultural and religious diversity to help you face your problems,  discover solutions, heal and grow. I use various traditional therapy techniques  as well as expressive therapies such as play therapy for children, art, music, and dance.

Marriage & family therapy / Art Therapy