Master of Psychology, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist/Art Therapist, License 100622

Reverend raceal mcwhorter, Ma, LMFt/AT

                                Women Being Single is a very very good thing

            when you are hidden in Christ Jesus Our Lord and Savior.

We are NOT incomplete; we DO NOT have ½ of ourselves missing! 
 For your Maker is your husband,
      The LORD of hosts is His name;
      And your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel;
      He is called the God of the whole earth. Isaiah 54:5 

He is King of kings and we are Queen of queens, because we are seated with Him in heavenly places and are ruling and reigning with Him on earth. That’s right ladies we are chosen, He has called us by name. Let’s say together.

I am beautiful!

I am whole!

I am complete!

I have everything I need, because I live in Christ and He lives in me!

Praise the Lord!

We do not fornicate, because we are happily married and would not betray our heavenly husband, and grieve the loving Holy Spirit who lives in us, with us, for us. He surrounds us with loving kindness and tender mercies, He saves our life from destruction, He is our protection, our strong tower! Our defense! He satisfies our mouth with good things so that our youth is renewed like the eagle. We have no fear! We are strong and courageous! For our God is with us where ever we go! And He delights in the prosperity of his people! Praise the Lord!

We are not envious of others or covet their husband, their children, their house, their car or anything that is our neighbors, because we have everything we need! And as we delight ourselves in the Lord, He will give us the desires of our heart! Praise the Lord!

 The eagle flies above the storm and sees his food afar off.  We are like that. We ride effortlessly on the strong air currents provided by the storms of life.  We see from an eternal perspective the storms as very small and short lived, compared to our Father’s might and an eternity with him in Bliss.  Bliss I am telling you Bliss! Praise God!

Don’t be blinded by the storm.  Don’t get drenched in the pouring rain.  Rise above the storm on our eagle’s wings of prayer and Praise! Halleluiah! Praise God.

I understand that a great many of us have suffered violence, many at a young age. Government statistics show that.

Sixty-seven percent of all victims of sexual assault reported to the participating law enforcement agencies were juveniles (under the age of 18); 34% of all victims were under age 12.
One of every seven victims of sexual assault reported to the participating law enforcement agencies were under age 6.
Forty percent of the offenders in the incidents reported who victimized children under age 6 were juveniles (under the age of 18)

Ladies, I was raped four times between the ages of 16 and 19.  Twice I got pregnant and once I had an abortion.  I was 16 and 10 days old when I was 1st gang raped. I was 17 ½ when I was kidnapped at gunpoint and again gang raped.  I was 18 when I was raped by a trusted acquaintance at college, conceived a child, and had an abortion.  My Christian mother found an abortionist, not wanting my life to be ruined, by not finishing college.  You know the rap.

At that time abortion was not yet legal, and not done by Doctors.  Aspirin was the only pain reliever available to me.  The pain was so great it caused my spirit to leave my body.  I looked down at my young body suffering in pain and wondered how I came to this. I was alone when the fetus came out of me.  I saw the tiny arms, and legs, and head.  I instinctively knew it was a boy. I wrapped him in toilet paper, and took him out to the back yard and cremated his tiny body.  I knew that what I had done was murder an innocent child.  In my physical and mental pain I cried out to God! Why!! I was an innocent victim of violent assault and became pregnant, but that was no excuse for killing that child.  All the arguments for terminating unwanted pregnancy, quality of life, etc. were woefully weak, and fiendishly evil, and I knew it.  If God gave a life, He would be faithful to take care of that life, if we would just trust in Him. Many of you like me, fell for the Free-Choice hype.  Every woman who has an abortion suffers depression and regret.  Counting how old that child would be, what they would have become etc. God will forgive you when you confess that abortion is sin. He is faithful to forgive you, and wash you clean, with His blood.  The blood has miraculous power.

When I was raped again at 19 and became pregnant I did not abort my son. He grew up to be the sweetest most loving young man.  I named him Abdu – Swahili for worshipper of God Servant of the Lord. Ra- for sun, and Om for divine eternal vibration of the universe. I got that from being lost in Eastern mysticism.  I used to chant Hari Krisna, and believed that Christ studied with the East Indian mystics during those years before His public ministry at 30.  My son was murdered at 20, shot in the back by a drug dealer. He was trying to save his cousin, who was addicted to crack-cocaine from his addiction, by keeping him with him at all times to prevent him from getting to drugs.  The rest of the family had abandoned his cousin, and wouldn’t have anything to do with him, including his mother.  After being robbed so many times for drugs, she no longer would allow him in her house.  But my son, despite my warnings, said to me “I can’t let my cousin go down like that.”  My son lost his life trying to save his cousin. He was conceived in violence and died in violence, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, Abdu is with the Lord right now. The Lord took him before his sweet spirit was poisoned by the world.

When I got the call January 12, 1995 at 2 o’clock in the morning that my son had been shot, at first I accused the Lord of letting me down. “You said you wouldn’t let anything come upon us unaware! I was shaking my fist at God.  He reminded me with such a sweet and loving manner of all the ways he warned me and prepared me for this moment.  Two months’ earlier the Lord had me to write an article about what to do if you are a victim of crime. The gist of the article was to forgive the perpetrator, count your blessings, not to blame yourself, forgive yourself if you wanted to respond in kind, take revenge, make goals to recover and go on with life.  That very day he told me get out that article and read it, again and again, until I really got it into my spirit. I did.  One month earlier the Lord told me to leave my abusive husband.  I did not have any money saved and did not know how I was going to do that.  This husband, who once was saved and took joy in the word of God, decided he no longer wanted to serve God.  He said to me he was afraid the Lord might ask him to give up his BMW and walk. He didn’t want the Lord to run his life, all he wanted to do was play basketball.  He wanted to be his own Lord.  I warned him how dangerous it was to reject God after you had known His goodness.  He began to hate God, and hate whenever I would play praise music, or go to church.  He became mean to me and the children.  Eventually he started using drugs and was extremely jealous.  If he didn’t know exactly where I was for fifteen minutes he accused me of being with another man.  He bought an automatic weapon and regularly started threatening to kill me and himself if I left him.

A girl friend of mine called me and asked me to come live in her house.  She was single and lived alone in a big four bedroom house.  She knew of the abuse me and my daughter were living with. She said to me “Raceal if you come and live with me, I know I’ll have the Lord in my house.”  The Lord had made a way of escape for me.  The next day after my husband went to work, I was going to get a U-Haul to move without his knowledge.  I was asking the Lord did I really have to go? I heard him in my spirit say GO! With such urgency it frightened me.  Me, and my 19 year old niece moved all my furniture and clothing out of that 2 story 3 bedroom house in 4 hours.  That was a miracle in itself.  I knew Angels were helping us. 

Well for two weeks I knew such peace it was thick. Nothing could penetrate that peace.  I slept deep and well.  Even when I got such life shattering news, that solid peace was not moved.

I’m telling you this so that you know that I am acquainted with grief and sorrow, but not as the world knows grief and sorrow.  I walk in that peace that surpasses understanding, joy, unspeakable joy, and clothed in the righteousness of God almighty.  During the first two weeks after my son’s death, my feet did not touch the ground.  My God carried me.  I felt His arms around me, and laid my head on His shoulder. While I rested in Him, the Lord led 3 young men to Himself, who were grieving and wanting to exact revenge on the murderer for the death of my son.. Using my body, my voice, he went to the scriptures these young men needed to see and hear. He asked just the right questions, and said just what they needed to hear to be comforted in their grief, and receive the Lord Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  I was amazed at what the Lord was doing using my body, while I rested in Him.

I walked in such deep peace, and joy, that strangers were drawn to me and asked me questions so that I could share my sweet Lord with them.  My family and friends instead of having to comfort me in the lost of my only son, were instead comforted by the Lord in me.  This happened in January 1995 in Gary Indiana.  It was cold and snowing there before this happened.  I prayed before I left Atlanta, and asked the Lord to keep it sunny and warm while I was there.  Sure enough for the two weeks I was there it was warm and sunny.  The day I stepped on the plane to return to Atlanta, the snow began to fall again.

At his funeral 18 young people gave their life to the Lord, when the Pastor gave an altar call at my instruction.  In all I got to see 21 young people give their lives to the Lord as the result of my son’s death.  He was buried on his 21st birthday.  He entered the eternal kingdom of God. Numbers are significant. God is exact in dates and times.

My sister and my brother’s partner both claimed that my son visited them and told them he was much happier where he was.  It was to comfort my sister and encourage my brother’s partner to go to church and stop confessing agnosticism.  He didn’t visit me after his crossing over.  But the saints who died before Christ rose from the dead were seen walking the streets of Jerusalem after his resurrection, so I suppose it is possible for a short time.  I can’t imagine anyone wanting to spend too much time here after death, with Angels standing ready to escort them into heaven. Heaven and Hell are real my little children.  We want to be with our loving heavenly Father, not without him.  Most of us have done without an earthly father. We need not be without our heavenly Father another moment.

Just as a woman eventually believes the lies her husband tells her because she hears it over and over that she is ugly, no one wants her, she is lucky he puts up with her, etc.  She will need to hear the word of God, over and over and over in order to believe it. You are #1, beautiful!  God made you just how he wanted you.  He loves you with a love that spans the skies!  He made the world just for your enjoyment.  He longs to hear your words of praise. He cares so much for you the hairs on your head are counted!  All his thoughts toward you are for your good!

Rejoice! You are exactly as you should be. Perfect in God's sight. He sees the completed you, and leads you step by step into that person. Fully loved, fully accepted, perfectly ok, really good. Love, Peace, Joy, Power in the Holy Spirit.